Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Emilion classification - yawnus maximus

I'm not going to direct you to the Decanter web site for the latest piffle about the St Emilion classification. You're grown up, you have a computer, go and find it yourself. But I will print the list of 'Related Stories'. Normally on the Decanter news stories, there are a couple of these, but in this instance...

# French government dismisses St-Emilion reclassification proposal
# Demoted St-Emilion chateaux return to 2006 classification
# St Emilion classification reinstated - again
# St Emilion classification finally ruled invalid
# St Emilion back on track after classification ban lifted
# St Emilion classification suspended indefinitely
# St-Emilion classification suspended
# St Emilion chateaux take classification to court
# St-Emilion classification: the bloodletting begins

There would probably be more, but I think the editorial team ran out of both space and patience. Have written about another classification non-event here, so there's no point going over the same old ground. Suffice it to say that I think the French make some of the best wines on the planet, but have no idea how to tell the outside world about them.

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