Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asda price, jolly nice - Argie Malbec

TTH - it's a term I often use in my tasting notes for wines that are Trying Too Hard to impress. Most of the time, they're just too loud, with the excess volume coming through in either boisterous oak, overripe fruit or OTT extraction (and in some instances all three). Argentine reds often falls into the TTH category. Once upon a time, they were relaxed and gentle, but for the last five years, there have just been too many shouty-shouty wines.

But thankfully not everything from beef heaven conforms to such pigeon-holing. Last night, I was making beef stew, and reached for a bottle of basic red from the sample rack. I came up with Asda 2008 Argentinian Malbec, courtesy of Trivento (the Argie arm of Concha y Toro). And it's a bundle of joy, packed with violet-scented berry fruit, with a touch of smoky oak, and a lively refreshing finish. Some of it went into the stew, but just as much went into the chef. Price? £4.24. Bargain, fill yer boots


Jamie said...

Agreed, a solid wine that offers real value

Tim said...

My friend is drinking this right now... May the force of flavinoid be with him! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed . Smooth as Roger Moores smokin jacket!!