Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Aftermath-acre

It's Valentine's Day and I probably should be wooing my sweetheart. However, we've had a wonderful day together, including a long lie-in, a trip to IKEA (without which no Valentine's Day is complete), a cuddle at the cinema (Slumdog Millionaire - Anil Kapoor is the Indian Michel Rolland) and a slap-up meal of rib-eye, dauphinoise and flageolets with two pink fizzes as accompaniment.

Yes, you're right, Bollinger Rosé v. Jacob's Creek Sparkling Rosé isn't strictly a fair competition. The Bolly was lined up for the enjoyment bit, and I needed something to moisten the flageolets with poor-man's pancetta - Sainsbury's cooking bacon. The JC was at hand, so I thought, 'why not?' It's not a bad drop, solid and fruity, a tad sweet, but perfectly pleasant. But next to the Bollinger... OK, it's a fraction of the price, but we're talking Premiership v. Division One. The Bolly sings where the JC shrieks, it smoulders where the JC froths over, it keeps you coming back for more. I've met women who are the equivalent of the JC, bubbly and fruity, but not with a huge amount of depth - thankfully I'm married to a beautiful Bolly.

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