Friday, February 13, 2009

Domaine du Joncier Lirac 2006

"The Rhône Valley's vineyards welcome you with open tendrils"

At least that's what it says on this page from the not especially useful Inter-Rhône web site. For me open tendrils smacks too much of the Triffid. No matter. I'm married to a lovely laydee who is a big Grenache fan, so I popped the cork earlier this evening on a bottle from the southern Rhône that I thought she'd enjoy. She did, but only briefly, before heading out for a farewell shindig for one of the stalwarts of DUEYP (prizes to the first correct translation). Which leaves me and Al the Pal (soon to be 8, and currently torn between James Bond & Star Wars) at home. He prefers Vimto to wine, so I'm currently in sole charge of the Domaine du Joncier Lirac 2006 (£8.54 Waitrose, although they don't look to have much left from the web site).

Not exactly waiting for Jill to hurry back, since this is rather decent kit. Remember jammy dodger biscuits? I think they still make them, certainly there's a hint of that cooked strawberry decadence here. But there's also some meaty, spicy fruit, and a more profund earthy, almost metallic core of dense potential. I only have the one bottle - if I'd had 2, I'd have been stashing the other one away for at least a couple of years. Not bargain basement, but still a bargain.

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