Tuesday, June 02, 2009

To soak or not to soak?

Power Point presentations... Is there anyone anywhere whose life has benefited from one? Normally, the guy in charge puts some slides on a screen, reads what's one the slides, gives you a hard copy of what is one the slides plus a CD of what is on the slides and then shuffles into 'any questions' mode. The slogan should be 'Power Point - how to make interesting things boring'.

So why am I thinking of doing some Power Point presentations regarding wine? Two reasons. 1) Visual things get through far better than words do alone. No, strike that. GOOD visual things get through far better than words do alone. And 2) Handsome as I am (at least my plastic surgeon tells me so), I think a montage of some well-chosen images with appropriate analogies will get my points across far better than me doing some stuff to camera, and Power Point would seem to be a good first port of call.

One of these presentations will involve the similarities between making red wine and making tea. More meat to be put on these bones at some time soon, but not until I've worked out where the whole process of cold soaking comes in. If you don't know about cold soaking, here's a piece to whet your appetite. And if you do know about it, or are a tea maven, any tips on where it would fit in would be appreciated.


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